April 9, 2010
Successful Beverage Management in Las Vegas

I keep pretty busy writing about cocktails, spirits, wine, bars and restaurants, for Mix, its magazine parent Nightclub and Bar and a variety of other publications, including my blog drinksink.blogspot.com. But getting involved with writer and consultant Robert Plotkin last year on his latest project, “Successful Beverage Management,” is one of my favorite things now, although presenting in front of an audience with the Tasmanian devil can be quite a work out. We sold out our session at the recent NC&B Bar Show, and soon we’re making the next step and taking the show on the road. First stop: back in Las Vegas in partnership with distributor Wirtz Beverage Nevada, where at the end of the month we’ll be helping bar owners and bartenders looking for help fighting the effects of the slumping economy. Those in the area have an added bonus - Wirtz is footing the bill for all qualified attendees, though they must register first. The all-day “Successful Beverage Management” profitability seminar will be held April 27, 2010 at Wirtz headquarters.

Attendees will learn how to reduce costs by preventing internal theft and waste, tracking sales productivity, analyzing pour costs, controlling inventory and effectively managing payroll. Other sessions provide advanced strategies for increasing beverage sales by enhancing drink quality and appeal, smarter pricing, premium product use, improving guest service, taking advantage of beverage trends, increasing effective in-house marketing and building repeat business. For more info or to register, contact Robert Plotkin at robert@barmedia.com, call Wirtz Beverage at (702) 699 8851, or visit www.barprofits.com. See you there.

April 2010 — Written by Jack Robertiello

March 26, 2010
50 Ideas - Increasing Sales Without Raising Prices

They’re Talkin’ ‘Bout Us!

March 2010

December 2, 2008
Proven Strategies for Maximizing Beverage Profits

Managing a bar during tough economic times changes how you approach every aspect of the business. Things you used to take for granted, like cash flow and a steady revenue stream, assume greater importance. Looking after every dollar and every ounce of profit becomes second nature, a survival instinct.

This is the focus of 2 upcoming management seminars to be hosted by Southern Wine & Spirits of Arizona in Phoenix on Monday, January 5, 2009. Presented by BarMedia’s Robert Plotkin and Sean Ludford of Beverage Experts.com (BevX.com), this invaluable full-day program will cover how to eliminate the financial black holes that chronically plague beverage operators. They’ll teach what to look for and how to make adjustments at the appropriate time to keep your costs down.

Authors/beverage consultants Robert Plotkin and Sean Ludford will discuss troubleshooting pour costs, controlling labor costs, how to avoid getting ripped off and reducing bartender turnover. Now more than ever you need to safeguard your margins and protect your cash flow.

The afternoon session will provide you with proven strategies for boosting revenue while adding pizzazz to your beverage line-up. You’ll learn scores of easily implemented, profit-generating ideas from increasing sales of premium brands to delivering expedient, yet hospitable service. You’ll reduce carrying costs, improve drink consistency and capitalize on the hottest drink trends. They’ll cover back bar management and raising revenue without raising drink prices, plus much more. Let their combined 50+ years of hands-on experience work to your benefit.

Presented at Southern Wine & Spirits new state-of-the-art classroom and test-bar, every attendee will receive copies of the most sought after books on running run their beverage operations more profitably. For more information, contact [name removed] of Southern Wine & Spirits of Arizona at [number removed].

About the Presenters:

  • Robert Plotkin (BarMedia.com) is an expert in the field of mixology and beverage management. He has over 30 years of hands-on industry experience augmented by 20 years as a consultant. He has authored 16 books on the subjects of mixology and management and writes for numerous industry magazines. Plotkin understands the demands of the beverage industry business.
  • Sean Ludford (BevX.com) knows about the vital role spirits play in an operator’s success. With more than 2 decades of industry experience, Sean has worked as a brand ambassador and educator, as spirits’ director at Sam’s Wines & Spirits and is a contributor/columnist for several industry magazines.

December 2008

November 9, 2008
Recession Management — Driving Profits in a Slow Economy

Managing a bar during tough economic times changes how you approach every aspect of the business. Things you used to take for granted, like cash flow and a steady revenue stream, assume greater importance. Looking after every dollar and every ounce of profit becomes second nature, a survival instinct.

For the most part, ours is a youth-oriented industry. Most owners and managers currently under the age of 45 haven’t had the experience navigating a lounge or restaurant through a prolonged recession. It’s largely an on-premise generation without experience operating in a recession and no strategy in place to enable them to weather the storm.

That having been said, in reality it’s more valuable to know how to deal with challenging circumstances than it is to have previously experienced them. Keeping a beverage operation hitting on all cylinders requires a blend of savvy awareness and strict adherence to standard practices.

To that end, Sean Ludford of BevX.com and I will be presenting 3 seminars on beverage management at the Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Show in March 1-4, 2009. Each of the hour-long programs covers an essential aspect of profitability and provides attendees valuable insights and practical measures to remain successful even in a down economy.

More information regarding the “Show” is available at nightclub.com. For over 20 years it has been the most important event in the on-premise industry with two huge exhibition halls and three days of educational programs. I’ve included the program descriptions of the 3 seminars Sean and I will be presenting.

We hope to see you there. —RP

November 2008

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